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Crack Reports / Damp Reports / Timber Reports Buckinghamshire

Need a crack, damp or timber report for your property? We will carry out and deliver these reports anywhere in the Thames Valley. We will correctly identify the cause of the problems and highlight and recommend the best course of treatment. One of the common problems we see time and time again from our customers is that they believe that they have a rising damp problem.

From time to time, we find that throughout the course of our free damp survey this is not the case. In turn this means the work is unnecessary, a waste of money, and does not solve the damp problem that they have. This is quite the same also when it comes to undertaking crack and timber reports.

Serving Buckinghamshire, our outstanding customer service and reputation has grown year on year over the last 40 years. This has meant that we concentrate on the individual needs and solutions of our clients. Our main objective is to ensure your property is safe and habitable. Our reporting is stringently based on evidence and facts and all relayed in our comprehensive end report.

Stopping these problems before its too late

It is a fact that prevention is better than the cure and that is certainly the case with any of these structural problems (although nothing is incurable) and this too is where a report can prove invaluable. We will deliver you a report that will detail where your building is susceptible to these problems. This will also help to discover other similar problems your property may have and will allow us to provide you with a solution. The value of this will help ensure we are able stop any other problems from happening.

Please contact us today to begin getting the problems sorted, before they spiral out of control. Call our office on 01494 677878 or alternatively email us direct to mail@mayfordssurveying.co.uk. It may very well be easier and cheaper than you think. We are most straightforward and helpful in the manner to which we work and our knowledge and experience is second to none.

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