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Dilapidation Reports / Existing Conditions Inspections Buckinghamshire

When you are carrying out construction or building close to other properties, there may be the chance that issues such as cracking, leaking or deterioration may be present in the adjoining properties. This could be due to vibration from heavy equipment or excavation works being carried out. Even when the construction work has been undertaken in a careful manner, it can still potentially cause damage to nearby or adjacent buildings.

To be fully protected against any disputes or claims from your neighbours, you should look into having a Dilapidation Report – also known as an Existing Conditions inspection. In this inspection, the exact condition of each of the adjoining property is documented and specified ahead of any building works going ahead.

The cost of a Dilapidation Report depends heavily on the type and number of properties, location, size, complexity and amount of work required. We are very punctual in being able to carry out this work and offer free, quick quotations.

Servicing Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas, please contact us with enquiries you may have regarding Dilapidation Reports / Existing Conditions Inspections. Please visit our Contact page and submit an enquiry form or contact us on 01494 67 78 78 or by email at mail@mayfordssurveying.co.uk

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