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Homebuyer Reports Beaconsfield

A homebuyer’s report / survey is designed and aims to help you make the correct decision about buying a property. It can help you assess whether you’re paying a fair price, and can help you to minimise the risk of unexpected problems and costs in the future should there be any issues at a later date.

It in turn identifies any serious defects or problems with the property, and any potential legal issues you may otherwise need to assign a solicitor to look into. It also includes a market valuation which can help advise whether you are paying the right price also. This will also include with it a reinstatement value that you need for insurance. Last of all, the report will also outline for you any future maintenance issues.

As a Homebuyer, you can then use this information to your advantage as a means to renegotiate the price of the property, and to account for future maintenance costs. We make this process as straightforward as possible and given our great experience in carrying out these reports, we have the necessary knowledge to help you overcome all of the potential hurdles you may face along the way.

Servicing Beaconsfield and the surrounding areas, please contact us with enquiries you may have regarding having a full HomeBuyer Report carried out. Please visit our Contact page and submit an enquiry form or contact us on 01494 67 78 78 or by email at mail@mayfordssurveying.co.uk

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