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Specific Defect Diagnosis Reports & Surveys Beaconsfield

During the process of purchasing a property, you may have been alerted about a specific issue or defect. This may have been after a Valuation or Survey Report, or you may have spotted first hand the defect yourself on a property you own and would like the issue professionally investigated. It can be highly beneficial to have a Specific Defect Inspection carried out on your behalf.

These detailed reports usually relate to a specific defects and problems and offer a full diagnostic survey and defect appraisal based on the observations. These reports also offer straightforward and necessary recommendations for the appropriate remedial works required.

If a property may have defects, including dampness, issues with timber or even building movement, we will work to uncover these shortcomings. Upon this diagnosis, we will then suggest for you the most applicable and effective repairs. We will then work hard to produce these reports in an efficient yet detailed manner. Alternatively, these reports can be undertaken after remedial works have been undertaken to a property. In cases of this being done to a poor standard, we can undertake this so as to begin legal proceedings against negligent contractors.

Servicing Beaconsfield and the surrounding areas, please contact us with enquiries you may have regarding Specific Defect Diagnosis Reports & Surveys. Please visit our Contact page and submit an enquiry form or contact us on 01494 67 78 78 or by email at mail@mayfordssurveying.co.uk

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